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"I searched all over Nashville before finding Cumberland Institute, and I knew as soon as I stepped inside I had found my school. Cumberland Institute raised the bar in every way of what I thought a massage school should be.  From the incredible knowledge base and experience of the educators and administration to the wonderful cooperation in learning from my fellow students; one does not simply become a student of massage at Cumberland - you are now part of a family! I have also found that the I received at Cumberland exceeds the standards of practice in most every environment I have worked and I have now taken my education from Tennessee to Colorado, out to Hawaii and now in Alaska (and I am not the only one!).  To sum up:  this is by far the best choice I ever made for my future!"  Adam C. Whitehead, LMT

"I enjoyed my classes at Cumberland Institute.  They were taught with knowledge and sensitivity.  I have noticed over the years that you can tell whether a student attended Cumberland from the way they are intuitive in their massage and interaction with clients.  I recommended Cumberland to my daughter who has also become a Cumberland graduate!"  Kathleen Haynes

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​             Celebrating 30 years of Holistic Massage Therapy Training

"I've attended the TN Massage Law and Ethics course at many places in the past.  I wanted you to know the folks you have teaching this class were phenomenal! If all teachers would talk to you,  this world would be a better place." R. Coe

"I am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to attend a school that puts so much thought and effort into each aspect of its curriculum.  From learning about the body to acquiring effective hands-on skills, I felt incredibly well-prepared to start my practice when I graduated.  More importantly for me, the education included a holistic approach to bodywork.  The instructors honored the importance of the mind, body and spirit in bodywork, showed us how to honor the experience for our clients, and supported my growth in each of those elements as I moved through the curriculum.  In short: Cumberland Institute provides a phenomenal educational experience - in every sense of the word!  Michael Stahl

"Attending Cumberland was so much more than just learning massage techniques.  It was about uncovering my true potential as a person and a professional, and getting in touch with my passion for healing.  The love and positive energy that radiates throughout the school is warm and welcoming; I always felt like I belonged! I connected deeply with my fellow students and the faculty.  It's like having a second family.  I will always recommend Cumberland to anyone interested in a career in massage therapy!"  John Henderson

"Cumberland Institute taught me more than how to be a massage therapist.  I have learned patience, communication skills, compassion, and empathy for others.  The instructors go above and beyond in every class.  I always choose Cumberland for my continuing education -- even though I have moved from Nashville.  I am so proud to be a Cumberland Grad!"  Evelyn Anne





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