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Continuing Education

We have some amazing new continuing education classes beginning this year -- please refer to the Course Schedule for more detailed information.  All continuing education classes offered at Cumberland are approved by the Tennessee Massage Board.

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 If you are interested in receiving quarterly emails of current schedules being offered at Cumberland Institute, please email to request being on our email distribution list.

Intern Clinic available for appointments
Intern Clinic massage appointments are available to the public.  Each massage is $60 for a ninety-minute session, integrating techniques from Swedish Massage, Advanced Swedish Techniques, Acupressure and either Neuromuscular Therapy or Craniosacral Therapy in a personalized treatment plan created to meet each client's needs.   Student interns are in their last quarter of training, gaining professional experience before entering the work field. 

Appointment times vary each quarter to accommodate the schedules of our interns; availability of sessions is limited.  The ninety-minute sessions are the only length session we offer.  Please call 615-370-9795 to schedule an appointment.  If you reach the voicemail, please leave a message with your name, and a day and evening contact number, and the next intern working will call you back to schedule an appointment.  If you would like to complete the intake form prior to your arrival, please open this link and print out. Intake form

Five-hourTennessee Massage Law class for New Licensees
Therapists moving to Tennessee who are seeking licensure are required to have 5 hours of Tennessee massage law.  Our class, M507 Mentoring in TN Massage Law for New Licensees is an answer to that need.  Each quarter we offer the class based on requests from incoming prospective licensees, and the availability of instructors.  It will be taught by Mindy Oldham RN, LMT or Steve Sommers, LMT.  The tuition is $150.00 for the course, which includes a copy of the current Tennessee laws pertaining to massage therapists and massage establishments.  Dates of classes are listed on the Course Schedule page.  Please contact Teresa Greene at 615-370-9794, ext. 10 or for more information and to register.

Continuing Education requirements
Starting March 1, 2006 the 25-hours of Continuing Education required for licensure renewal every two-year cycle includes 2 hours of training in the laws governing massage therapists and establishments in Tennessee and 2 hours of training in the management of practice, professional ethics, or substance abuse (Rule 0870-1-.12).

Please check our current schedule for the date and time of C505 Tennessee Massage Law and Ethics , a four-hour class that fulfills both the two hour TN law requirement and 2 hours of Ethics. 

Two year cycles are the same for ALL therapists, regardless of the renewal date of their individual licenses.  Each two-year continuing education cycle begins on January 1st of an odd-numbered year and ends on December 31st of an even-numbered year.  The current cycle we are in started on January 1, 2017 and ends on December 31, 2018.  You must complete your 25 hours of training for this cycle by December 31, 2018. 

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