Admission Overview


As you figure out whether this is the career path for you, and whether Cumberland is the place to receive your training:

Ask massage professionals which school they would recommend. They have been through the process and know how important the quality of training is. Many therapists who did not go to Cumberland recommend it now.

Make an appointment to receive a massage. It is amazing how many people apply to massage school, and have never received a professional massage. If you want specific information about the school you are considering, make an appointment to receive a massage in their Intern Clinic.

Attend an open house. At Cumberland, this is the best way to find out about us. They are held once per quarter on a Friday afternoon from 4:00PM – 7:00 PM. If you can attend for the entire time, you will hear the history and philosophy of the school, see demonstrations by faculty members of the modalities they teach, hear from graduates, and get an opportunity to ask questions about a career in massage therapy. It is also a great opportunity to bring your parents, spouse, or friends along to help you make your decision. The current schedule of open houses is available on this menu, or under “Calendars” on the website.

Order a catalog to be sent to you. You can call 615-370-9794, ext. 15, and leave your name and address on the voicemail, and a catalog will be sent to you, or email and request a copy. It contains the same information as is on the website, but you may find it easier to read in pamphlet form.

Make an appointment to tour the school. Attending an Open House would be the best way to do this, but if that is not possible, contact Teresa Greene at 615-370-9794, ext. 10 to schedule an appointment. You can also reach her at

Getting Started

OK, you’ve decided that Cumberland is the school for you. What’s next?

Fill out an application. You will find one on the last page of the catalog you received in the mail, or you can download a copy from this website. If you would prefer to download a copy, click here. Mail in your application with your application fee and an official high school transcript. If time is running short, and the next quarter is about to start, call Teresa at 615-370-9794, ext. 10. She can help you expedite the process.
Read the "Policies" section of your catalog, or the website. It will be discussed in the admissions interview, and you will have an opportunity to clarify any points you don't understand.

When we receive your application, Mary McDaniel, Academic Director, will call you to schedule an admissions interview. In that meeting, you will have an opportunity to ask questions, and make your final decision on when to begin. Mary will then tailor an Academic Program for you at a pace that matches your available time and financial resources. You will leave the meeting with a schedule of your classes from beginning to certification, a schedule of the payments you will be expected to make each month, and a projected graduation date. You may choose to register for class in that meeting, or you will receive the schedule, so you can register later.
If you don’t register in the admissions meeting, you will need to register before the deadline. Mary will give you a registration form/schedule for that purpose. Just fill it out completely, and mail it, or bring it in, with your first payment, before the deadline shown under the “Tuition Total” line on the schedule. If you have misplaced your copy of the schedule/registration form, and need another copy please contact Teresa. If you have any questions about registration, or the admissions documents required, please call Teresa at 615-370-9794, ext. 10.

Please contact Teresa Greene, Administrator, if you have any questions about the admissions or registration process. You can reach her at 615-370-9794, ext. 10, or at





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