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      Of Holistic Therapies Inc.

​             Celebrating 30 years of Holistic Massage Therapy Training

​​​Cumberland Institute in Brentwood --over 30 years of excellence as Tennessee's oldest school of holistic massage therapy--invites you to join our community of holistic bodyworkers, and achieve certification in an atmosphere of masterful instruction, and nurturing, personal attention.  Cumberland Institute continuing education is also offered year-round.

Here at Cumberland Institute, we educate our students to the highest level of technical skill 

and knowledge in therapeutic massage, while we help you develop the self-awareness, compassion, and confidence which lead to long-term success and satisfaction in a massage career. 

Please take some time to review our site, and hopefully you'll have a better understanding of who we are and what we can offer you in massage therapy education. If you have any questions, you can contact us any time by phone, email or postal service.

Thank you in advance for considering Cumberland Institute. We look forward to developing a lasting and rewarding relationship with you.

Welcome to Cumberland Institute